Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vintage Circus

Each Halloween I like to do coordinating costumes with my husband.  We also decorate our van for trunk-or-treating to match the theme.  This year, I was inspired to do vintage circus after thrifting a heavily embroidered and sequined skirt.  As it turned out, the weather didn't permit trunk-or-treating, so the activities were moved indoors.  I have to admit it was easier decorating a classroom than running electrical cords and such to decorate the van!


For more detailed pictures of our costumes, please visit my blog, Second Chances by Susan.  Thanks!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Taking a "Shot" at Reverse Applique

Hello Refashion Fam!

I made this a couple weeks ago and I am still thrilled with how good it turned out. Enjoy!

I have this men's t-shirt from an indoor shooting range we used to go to when we lived in AZ. I like to sleep in it. But I realized this shirt could be SO much better, and cooler!

I found an outline of a Desert Eagle online, sized it up, and printed it out.

Even sized up, the barrel and slide area still wasn't quite big enough to cover the logo on the shirt. So I added some size to that area and the grips (to make it look proportional)

Logo is covered! 
I outlined the 'stencil' in tailor's chalk.

I chose this slightly-psychedelically butterfly fabric. It came off an old miniskirt that was handed down to me.

I set my machine on a fairly small, quite tight zig-zag, and sewed over the chalk outline. I had to go slow since there are so many corners and curves!

I cut away the extra fabric on the back (inside) of the shirt around the applique. I don't think this material will fray so I didn't do anything to the edges

Then I cut out the black fabric/logo on the front of the shirt inside my stitch lines

TAH DAH! Because of the fabric it makes me think of some groovy 1970s spy LOL. I also cut away the neck ribbing

And I cuffed the sleeves and tacked them down with a few stitches for a cool-girl casual-rolled-sleeves vibe.

There ya have it! This has become one of my favorite tops for sleeping in; the applique turned out great and it's just a really cool homage to a gun range t-shirt!

To all my American friends, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!


Navy Peony

This faux suede blazer was feeling a bit blah

I popped the collar and moved some buttons around to give it a new look

Come check it out on my blog!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2 sweats Indigo

Au printemps j'avais fait un modèle qui se prêt bien au recyclage puisqu'il peut se faire avec deux tissus différents, et comme en plus il est agréable à porter et que j'aime bien sa coupe qui reste féminine, eh bien j'en ai refait 2 !!! Lol

Voilà les articles pour la première version genre "cool" ........

Je me suis donnée un peu de mal pour les raccords du tissu imprimé et je m'en suis pas trop mal sortie avec les tissus que j'avais ..........

Le milieu dos n'est pas top au niveau des raccords , mais bon c'est pas non plus une catastrophe ....

La seconde réalisation fait un peu plus "habillée" mais peut être portée également en journée sans problème..........

Une robe pailletée, achetée il y a 2 ans je crois mais que je n'ai jamais portée, je ne sais pas pourquoi....
Et maintenant on ne la reconnaît plus ................

Et si vous voulez en voir plus c'est ici 
Bisous, Elisa Elisa 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Knit Skirt to T-shirt Refashion

You know those skirts that have huge elasticated waists and are intended to do double duty as a dress, but never end up being worn because they're usually too narrow in the hips?  Yeah, I had one of those:

So rather than let it linger unworn in the back of my closet, I did what any of you would do...I refashioned it!

I've blogged the full tutorial with photos over at Skirt Fixation...see you there!