Monday, May 29, 2017

New cardigan for my daughter

Hey all! I feel so happy I've been able to keep up with the sewing mood, using my refashion pile too. This month (I am aiming for a monthly refashion at least!!!) I was able to turn a pullover from my husband into a new cardigan for my daughter. She was in need of a not so warm one, that fitted her properly (all the ones she had were getting too short). 

To complete I used a scrap of wool knit I add in my stash. You can read all about it though, by clicking HERE

Battles with big dresses

In my full post I mentioned some of the very common themes in my refashions. On of them is my constant frustration of how oversized dresses were in the '80s. Can you believe this dress is a size 4?
Taking these flowing tops in on the sides leaves me with a whole other problem of the bodice being long and overlapping the waistline. I decided to try removing the top of the collar and kind of folding the front inwards.
I also lost a ton of sleeve length and hacked about 4" off the bottom. It was still a little loose-fitting, but I'm impatient and wanted to wear it. I added a wide belt to hold it up.
I always end up taking these pics at night and using a flash. This can lead to some unflattering shots, hence the filter to pretty it up.
After wearing it once, I actually ran it under the machine one more time taking it in from the back.
Check out the full post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die and see some "before" shots of recently completed refashions.

Refashioned Refashion

Hi guys!

I hope you are having a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, here in the USA. I'm taking the chance to be productive, but also try to have a little fun as well.

Here is a quick project I completed last week.

I've actually already refashioned this dress once before. It used to be a halterneck and I turned the ties into skinny straps. The top has just gotten too skimpy but I didn't want to throw it away! 

So I lopped off the top and made a casing for some elastic.

And voila! A cute little above-the-knee skirt. Sorry Addie isn't showing her off but this actually didn't fit on her! Does this mean I am getting skinnier?!?!

Simple is my mantra these days!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kentucky Derby Hat

For this years Kentucky Derby I challenged myself by only using items from the $1 store!
I was lucky enough to find a hat at the dollar store! What luck!
I assembled my $1 goodies! I even found a toy horse!
How appropriate is this adorable horse! However, I did have to paint him.
After I secured my horse I arranged the flowers around him in a beautiful arrangement!
I've had this maxi skirt for ages but never quite knew what to do with it....
I've seen some people wearing their maxi skirts as maxi dresses, which I thought was a pretty good idea.
So, with that being said I give you a re-purposed maxi skirt into a dress!
Happy Derby!
My beautiful hat!
The back!
Happy Refashioning!!!

Check out my stash of refashions on my blog:

MIx and Match Tunic

Hi guys,

Here is another tunic : out-of-the-box pattern matching.

I started with three somewhat ugly skirts:

Very flimsy, crinkly extra thin fabric. (But a LOT of it !)

A thicker coton-y fabric with paisley-lace motif

Rayon with bold motifs.  Not exactly this one but similar.

And here is what I came up with:

Raglan fluttery sleeves, hi-lo bottom, pockets.   I LOVE this pattern and the weird use of different motifs.  I also like the bold fuchsia !

Here it is on me !


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